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Dance is life . Dance means energy. For me, it's not just a dance, it's a complete meditation. That wakes me up


Acting is reality. You can play different characters. You can find yourself in any character. I like acting because we can see myself in different formats


I'm a model and thats part of my life

About Me

Hi There

Ali Sam well known as a professional break dancer and artist was born on 18 of the november in 1992 in Iran Buhshehr city. In 2003 ,he was inspired by watching redbull bc one matches, moreover with all of the limitations that he had faced in his career he showed himself one of the successful people in break dance in his own country and he continued this career by being a referee and also an influencer. Now he is working as a model dancer and an artist and also a dress designer and also he is designing and making his new clothes brand that is named H.U.A . He is interested in customizing motorcycle and cars and in near future he has some plans for it. He calls himself a professional athlete and artist because he feels that sport and physical activities help him to reach his goals and also make his mind ready and peaceful.
As Ali sam says when an artist can call him/her self an artist is that a time they have a lots of features , from his idea (Ali Sam) being an artist is not just doing one job ,it should be just like a complete package and for this Ali Sam in every works that he is doing right now he is an expert in all of them and that’s why he call himself a complete artist

Ali Sam
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